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To help you get in the shape of your life, Ironpower is inviting all visitors to download a free copy of any one, or all five of the e-books pictured above. Learn how a simple technique can increase your fat burning by around 100%(ie  double it!) within 3 hours, increase growth hormone by 701%(after only 90 minutes), IGF-1 by 300% and insulin by 275%(without any carbohydrates!) plus much, much, much more...

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Instant Muscle Advantage ...just add water (and a little sweat!)
Your  no-nonsense guide to building maximum muscle in minimum time with the least amount of effort…scientifically based and real world tested by former Mr Australia and personal trainer, Richard Hargreaves.
Covers 4 main areas which  Richard considers the 4 key elements to success-Attitude, Exercise, Diet, and ergogenics (performance enhancers). The exercise section reveals a secret training routine that is the most effective for packing on muscle fast that Richard has come across in his 3 decades of experience. Click here to read more...


5 Familiar Bodybuilding Troubles…Which Do You Want To Overcome?
Identifies 5 common bodybuilding and fitness problems...and what can be done to overcome them.  Learn how you can break through sticking points, and a secret stretching technique for rapid muscle growth.
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Learn how a simple technique can increase your fat burning by 107%(ie more than double it!) within 3 hours, increase growth hormone by 701%(after only 90 minutes), IGF-1 by 300% and insulin by 275%(without any carbohydrates!).All this and much more is contained within the FREE ebook downloads valued at $70!

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1984 Mr Australia


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