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Dr Ian Stewart and his colleagues at the Tasmanian Institute of Technology (Australia) did a study of highly trained cyclists, giving them 3.6 grams of sodium phosphate a day or a placebo, for three days before a maximum effort on the ergometre bicycle.

Results showed that phosphate loading reduced lactic acid accumulation, increased 2,3 - DPG production during exercise( puts more oxygen in blood), increased VO2 max by 11%,and increased time to exhaustion by 20%
(Stewart I, McNaughton L Res Quart 1990;61:80-84). 

One of the most recent and best studies (KREIDER RB, et al Int J Sports Nutr 1992;2:20-47) which tested both anaerobic and endurance exercise gave trained cyclists 4 grams of sodium phosphate per day or a placebo for 3 days prior to a maximal exercise test and a 40km time trial on the ergometre bicycle.

During the aerobic phosphate trials, time for the 40km ride was reduced by 3.5 minutes. That's big.
During the anaerobic phosphate trials, the maximal power output increased by 17%. As Dr Michael Colgin points out in his excellent book Optimum Sports Nutrition, that’s the equivalent to adding 51 lbs to a 300 lb maximum bench press!

How you can increase  MUSCLE POWER
If you want to add more muscle bulk or to be stronger, faster, or increase recovery between bouts of exercise, take 5 grams of CreatineMonohydrate per day in combination with phosphate salts, and a protein rich diet. Uptake of creatine is increased after training, so this is the best time to take it. If creatine isn’t taken after training, then it should be taken with around 60 grams of glucose or sucrose, since this causes an insulin spike which also increases the uptake.
Lactic acid buffer supplements...
Combining sodium bicarbonate and phosphate salts, such as potassium and
sodium phosphate (but not calcium phosphate...has been found to reduce
physical performance), with CreatineMonohydrate increases the lactic acid
buffering capacities of the creatine (one of the pathways through which creatine increases performance), and act as performance enhancing boosters in their own right.

How you can increase your athletic abilities...

Research has indicated that phosphate salts can boost performance in track athletes in events ranging in distance from the 100 metre sprint to the 26 mile marathon. To be effective over this wide range, the phosphate salts would have to have the potential to improve energy production in all three human energy systems - the ATP-CP, lactic acid, and oxygen systems- which they do and are therefore great for bodybuilders and boxers, as well as sprinters and fact any person who requires explosive power for their sport.
Dr Robert Cade and his group at the Department of Medicine of the University
of Florida in 1984 ran a well controlled study (double blind, placebo, crossover
design). Ten highly trained distance runners consumed either 1 gram of sodium phosphate four times daily or a placebo for three days. They then ran them on a treadmill to exhaustion. During the phosphate loading trial, lactic acid levels were lower, 2,3 -DPG levels were higher,VO2 max increased by 6-12%,and subjects ran 3-9 minutes longer (Cade R,et al Med Sci Sports Exer 1984;16:263-268).
The regimen practised by the researchers at the University of Florida has proved to be successful with no adverse effects in the subjects being reported. The dosage was 1 gram of sodium phosphate 4 times per day mixed with water or fruit juice (e.g. at breakfast, lunch, tea and supper) for 3-4 days prior to competition. The last dose may be 2 to 3 hours prior to training or physical event.

"If you don’t have the time to make your own stack, Ironpower has saved you the effort by stacking it for you an amount comparable to that used for the successful university test (4 Powerstack per day), whilst providing a 20 gram ‘protected” and ‘spiked” loading dose of CreatineMonohydrate, plus bicarbonated salts. "

The creatine is protected by the alkaline salt from the destroying effects of unchecked stomach acid. It works the same way that Alka seltzer neutralises stomach acid. By reducing stomach acidity, less creatine is destroyed in the gut (converted to worthless creatinin) thus making more CreatineMonohydrate available for uptake by the muscles. High glycemic glucose has been added to create an insulin spike to help drive extra creatine into the muscle cell.

This makes Ironpower's Powerstack a super effective formula
...even on people who have had limited effects with creatine in the past. Around 30% of the population receives no effects from creatine! Could it be that some of these people have such high stomach acidity that the creatine is being broken down into useless creatinin before it even leaves the stomach. If you have high stomach acidity, you will do well trying our Powerstack, and its ‘ph protected' creatine.

"Bigger, stronger muscles in 5 days...or your money back..."

 "I have so much faith in the effectiveness of this formula that it comes with an unconditional money back guarantee. The 3 main ergogens (performance enhancers) which have all been university tested to boost physical performance significantly in their own right, act synergistically to boost your muscle size, strength and power beyond what you've most likely ever experienced"

kind regards
Richard Hargreaves

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