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Success Stories


Success Stories

From time to time we will feature valued clients who have made outstanding physical improvements, through their own disciplined effort and the help of Ironpower supplements

Our first feature customer is Clint Cohen from Melbourne, Australia. The results Clint has achieved, as shown in the photos, speak for themselves. But we've also included Clints E-mail to us telling us how he did it... and how you can too.

Any person who follows Clints Training, Diet and nutraceutical program to the letter can expect to make a dramatic transformation in their physique in a relatively short time.

Clint Cohen

The following testimonial was received as you see it below. Rather than rewrite it into our own words…we've decided to leave it as Clint wrote it himself.

  • He tells of his ambition to compete in a bodybuilding show.
  • How he discovered IRONPOWER supplements.
  • The diet he followed.
  • His weight training program.

"I have always been in health and fitness, BodyBuilding in particular. It was always my ambition to stand on a stage, compete in a BodyBuilding Comp, which I believe is the ultimate test of discipline of mental and physical challenge in terms of training and diet. This I felt was not in my reach as I was not in the basic condition required to take the next step. In the month of August 1999 I was weighing 82kg's when I was Introduced to Richard by a work colleague of mine. It was also then that I was introduced to IronPower's products.

After spending some time with Richard at his offices he walked me through the various products and made certain recommendations to me. I guess initially I was vague about trying yet another range of supplements as I had tried so many in the past with no real success. IronPowers products offered something different to me - with Richard being a one time Mr Australia, the knowledge and experience - I felt I had to give it a go.

I started taking Iron Power's Protein Powder in the Morning (which I might add is THE BEST TASTING protein powder I have ever used - it even tastes better in PLAIN WATER). Anybody who uses a supplement of this nature can vouch that the taste of traditional protein powders are ghastly, yet IronPower's protein shake makes you want MORE.

I also used the caffeine supplement stacked with 1/2 a disprin in the morning with fruit juice (preferable grapejuice) with IronPower's Citrus Antrium). I have to admit that I am not too knowledgeable with these pharmaceutical terms but I just followed Richard's advice.

The Andro stack was the most amazing of the lot. Cycled every 3 weeks it gave me that boost that in my opinion made all the difference for me. I got into the Gym, and used poundage that I have only ever seen the BIG BOYS in the gym used.

My weight started reducing, I started getting shape, not BULK as I always had. I started feeling stronger - physically yes, but mentally as well. The idea of competing was now becoming a reality. I would return to Richard's office to get more of his supplements and I was surprised to see how much knowledge his wife had on his products. I continued to use his products and will continue because on the 16th April I entered my first comp. and I weighed in a 66Kg's with a body fat percentage of 6%. I was in the best shape of my life!

In terms of the diet, following Richard's "Yes Food" and "No Food" was the most simple strategy to follow and adopt. This diet is found on the container of the protein shake and if you follow it like I did, you will see the weight drop, combined with the supplements - it was the perfect formula for me. I still follow the Yes and No concept which means that the dieting process for the ext comp will be a little easier - I hope! "

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Angela Georgopoulos

A picture is said to speak a thousand words...with these two pictures, one word comes to mind, and that's WOW!

Between 30th of April and 5th of October, Angela followed my Triple-X Super Fat Burner Diet, in conjunction with two workout sessions with me per week doing predominately Triple-X training.

The diet and supplements were personalised to Angela's requirements. During this time Angela lost 6.3kg of fat and gained 2.3kg of muscle.

She went from 61kg @ 20% fat to 57kg @ 10% fat.